About Me.
Howdy, my name is Brandon Zumwalt. I am 26 year old graduate of Texas A&M University.

What is BuzzardB?

People ask what is "BuzzardB"? Well, here is the explanation. While I was in college I was in the Corps. of Cadets. It is a ROTC program at Texas A&M that used to be a requirement to attend the university. That is no longer the case. People join it to carry on a family tradition or take a career in the military. I was niether. I just did it cause I figured why not and maybe it will keep me in line with my studies. The Corps. of Cadets is broken down into sections called "outfits". Some people could associate them with fraternities. Mine was called Company B-2, Buzzard B. I always liked the name and the logo that went with it so I chose to buy the domain. I also got lucky with all the cybersquatting going on that I could purchase the domain. So here it is.
The Purpose.
So what is your point here Brandon? Well, I have been messing around with this thing called the Internet since 1995. I always thought it would be neat to have my own domain like or something. But going through college and trying to get a degree in Industrial Distribution really did not give much time to create a web site. Plus after learning how to develop for the web, I found myself creating webpages for other people or companies. Kind of ironic now, I am a web developer for a company and I still do not even have time to work on my own web site. So, here is the purpose. I want to provide a place that friends and family can submit their contact information and make it available not only to me, but to their friends as well. If you follow the "People Search" link above you will find a little search engine that I created to find people's phone numbers, e-mails, and birthdays. Of course I have their addresses as well but I do not want to publish them. So if you need someone's address just send me an e-mail and I will give it to you. I want to preserve some sort of privacy.
Long Enough?

So I am sure that you have read this and are fairly bored. You can always close your browser right? Anyways, if you would like to add yourself to my contact list making it easier for me to find you for your birthday (gifts?), holidays (more gifts?), let me stay at your house if I am in town (maybe I will bring a house warming gift?) , or just keep in touch (possible future gifts) go to this link ----> "Add Your Self to".

Hui Hui!